Our simple rules, follow them! Feel free to ask questions. You’re saying you wish the Rival didn’t exist and it was much more different than anything else just to say it’s different? This page was last updated: Don’t get pissy with me because you were wrong. Then don’t buy it, it’s not for you. Xbox One is a pc running gimped version of windows.

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Everything is functional except DPI up button.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If so im so sorry nixeus I have been looking for a shape that would fit like a glove but so far haven’t found any to design a PCB for. Doesn’t change the fact that you made an incorrect comment about Microsoft having no interest in gaming peripherals.

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As it stand im not sure which to buy. Logitech feet skates X1 Pcs. Agree with you, but this probably was requested by many people, it’s sad that after someone from another company decides to do what “everyone wanted” the original company releases a new version of that mouse few days later, logktech just.


Logitech’s hero sensor is a straight up update from the PMW, right? Contoured comfort grip ensures peak performance throughout the most intense logitechh session. Hopefully it’d be for the Classic Intellimouse, as everything about that mouse is better than the original IE3.

Logitech MX518

I really like this, if the overall quality is the same as the MX There’s really nothing in it for me and I have other places to spend my cash on. We will work out your problem as soon as possible. The only thing that might compel me over Nixeus’ is if their wheel is considerably better than Logi’s for some reason. Users report noticeable improvements of this model over the dpi. No hate speech, spam, or harassment.

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Nothing else will be included. It’s not that hard. Insert TWSS joke now.

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If you wish to be represented send us proof of your connection to a company official email or something similar and we will verify you. These are official company reps. Better for Logitech to leave it then to actively change it and get criticism for ruining the original MX feel plus the quality has to do with weight and my MX and G lasted forever and are still alive.


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I prefer lighter mice as well, this is exactly what fans wanted, I bet a lot of original MX owners would complain if it would be lighter since than it is not an MX The words are in an image so I can’t translate the page there. Ah ok I see, was thinking the sensor would likely be trash. One set of Corepad Skatez Ligitech is enough for two mice. Did nobody see this on the same site?

Logitech, if you’re reading this, stop re-releasing same mices without innovation, I know that Hero sensor is really good and whatever you want but come on, release the logotech mouse but BETTER, and yes i’m talking about you Logitech G aka “Mr Brick”. You made a comment about Microsoft having no interest in gaming viable peripherals. See pictures for exact item you will receive.