The intent with newer kernels 2. Added a procfs interface so users can tell the driver to rescan our devices. Warning is self-explaining I guess. Some models of Smart Array are not able to honor this parameter. Here’s the man page. Fixed wrong usage of a pointer for sysfs symlink. Post as a guest Name.

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You don’t have anything to do to get it working, just install cciss-vol-status package. If you would like to run hpsa instead, there is a new module parameter to cciss, “cciss.

This is simply because making the switch is somewhat complex and it is easy to make a mistake or forget something and get your system into an unbootable state. You can use these if you have a supported distribution running a supported kernel. Logs to syslog, and optionally, sends SNMP traps.

cciss(4) – Linux manual page

It is important for the driver to prevent the kernel from accessing the physical drives directly, since these drives are used by the array controller to construct the logical drives. With all the various distributions, it is difficult to come up with a set of bulletproof universal instructions for areay such a switch, so we recommend that you simply continue to use cciss in such instances. Some models of Smart Array are not able to honor this parameter.


Sign up using Facebook. Please open a ticket and adds some output example if you have such hardware, so I’ll be able to update this page thanks. Hardware error Drive Type: In this case, it is just a text file, documentation, meant for human consumption.

To enable this feature of hpsa, the module parameter hpsa. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceamart policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Note also that most tape drives will not oblige in aborting commands, and sometimes it appears they will not even obey a reset command, though in most circumstances they will. Hpsa should be fine for new installs on these controllers, however.

HP SmartArray RAID controllers – Linux driver differences (cciss versus hpsa) – Server Fault

Download in other formats: Thomas 3, 3 13 You must read and accept the License Agreement to continue. The binary RPMs created by the source RPMs here do not do these things, they only build the driver module and initrd image.

Press enter to display it Your distribution may differ. The following list of controllers are supported by cciss on distributions based on kernels before 2.

Failed Last Failure Reason: Added a procfs interface so users can controllrr the driver to rescan our devices.


Arrayprobe which may need modifications to work with the hpsa driver. You should not expect any problems with theses drivers which are known to be mature and stable. It’s up to you but I wouldn’t enable such features if your power supply isn’t protected. Most likely, you do not need these, as the cciss driver has been in the Linux kernel for a very long time, and most distributions will already have a cciss driver which will work for you as is.

We don’t know any current Linux distrubtion which miss theses drivers so no additional step should be required to get it working. This script didn’t register HPE’s keys so following this instruction: The intent with newer kernels 2.

Has there been a similar change on the Windows side?

HP/Compaq SmartArray series

Email Required, but never shown. For a new install of a distribution using the hpsa driver, the “cciss. In fact, you could extract the source tarballs from the source RPMs by using rpm2cpio.

That’ more of a comprehensive approach that can generate SNMP traps and nifty email alerts.