Hauppauge was co-founded by Kenneth Plotkin and Kenneth Aupperle , and became incorporated in HVR-3xxx and 4xxx devices are tri-mode and quad-mode devices respectively. If you do not get audio directly from the WinTV card, it would unfortunately indicate a faulty audio circuit on the WinTV, and therefore would require the board to be replaced. The exact limit is actually 2. The driver for the device must be installed in order to run Prodinfo. Windows 10, Windows 8. Digital Signal Monitor page.

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The driver for the device must be installed in order to run Prodinfo.

Vista Decoder Problem Wintv 878

The audio isn’t in sync in the capture file. Below you should see the Mixers that are set to record make sure that the Line In is checked and click on OK. Hauppauge was co-founded by Kenneth Plotkin and Kenneth Aupperleand became incorporated in No one has a rock- solid answer for why these problems occur, but it appears to be caused by contention on the PCI bus, which then prevents the sound card and video capture devices from emptying their buffers in time.

It’s basically like Vidcap. Timing correction necessary to keep the audio synchronized. Dub extract the audio. Most sound cards will deviate a small vsta from ahuppauge video capture device, requiring that a few frames be dropped to keep the audio in sync.

Timing correction is disabled, so audio on long captures may be out of sync. It looks sort of like the picture, but distorted. This restriction is necessary because the format may require hardware assist to decode, and it may be impossible for Virtual.


Looking for BT TV card driver for Vista X64 | Vista Forums

Use normal capture F6 key and not compatibility mode capture F5 key. Hauppauge received a large surplus amount of these cards from OEM and third party vendors.

The i was a vector processor with graphics extensions that could initially provide 50 Megaflops of throughput in an era when an with an Intel peaked at half a Megaflop and would eventually top out at Megaflops making it as fast as Inmos T Transputers. Properties, then switch to Recording controls. Timing correction is disabled, so audio on long captures may be out of sync.

If you want to capture a single file bigger than 4. The driver for the device must be installed in order to run Prodinfo. I don’t have any DV specs, so I can’t make Haup;auge. Note that most hard disks cannot handle capturing full frame, uncompressed video; that requires 1.

This is a bug in many video capture drivers.


The error message itself is caused by Windows, and not by the limitations of the AVI file format. Dub needs a Video for Windows capture driver to capture. Also, check the websites for the hardware manufacturers to see if they have utilities which may help.

This is a nasty way to get audio in sync, because it will make editing harder – – to coerce the clips to a single frame rate for rendering, frames will have to be dropped or duplicated.


There are apparently a few drivers that are even susceptable to half this limit 3. Although the chipset was able to do hardware decoding the video out components were not included on the card.

The application that comes with your capture device can do it because it uses a proprietary interface that other programs can’t use.

How to Install Drivers After you have found the right driver for vistw device and operating system, follow these simple instructions to install it. The key to remember is that one dropped frame per thousand is nearly indescernable, but ten dropped frames at a single point is.

Hauppauge | Support PCI boards

Dub will correct for this problem automatically, allowing you to capture beyond 7. CPUthen you can sporadically drop frames when busy scenes pass by. Your channels should now be loaded back into your WinTV programs. You can only use codecs which are compatible with the current capture format, so try changing the capture format in the Video Settings haupppauge Video Format dialogs.

I see a greyish, wavering line at the bottom of my capture.

Dub won’t be able to display the compressed video frame size.