George R 6 years ago. Billed primarily as a strength and distance trainer, the PowerStik has a greater percentage of weight in the head than any other club tested. When Haneh was winning big and often, he had the most consistent tempo on Tour. Quite easy to make your own weighted club. For me I swing my sand wedge for warm ups and swing training. If you do not wait for the Gold Flex to catch up with you before you start your down swing you will feel an off balance and vibration in your down swing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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So which one should you buy?

Haney: Curing the Slice

Is this a concern with your device? I have both the gold flex and orange whip and have to say the orange whip is far better then the gold flex. The other thing, as I said,is your tone. All the swing trainers mentioned here will trainner that—the biggest difference between them is the balance, weight and feel of the club. I recommend the PowerStik for everyone weighing lbs or more.

As it is designed, the weight fully compresses the spring until an audible click is heard at around MPH clubhead speed. The Orange whip is heavier and more balanced from this article.


TheHacker 6 years ago. I am the creator of the PowerStik swing trainer. Try the Matzie Swing Trainer instead. First off, Your first sentence, while it may not be innacurate by the letter of Mr.

Every single backswing timed out at 24 frames of broadcast-standard video. I made one, used it and the result was a few minor long distance titles of my own. Thanx Much for posting!

Despite being the heaviest, the Orange Whip is also the most balanced of the heavy clubs in our test. There is indeed scietific evidence swint is you are training for speed, you go hany and faster, not heavier. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Hank Haney: Swing Selfie? How To Film Your Swing

People come here for enjoyment and relaxation. If Harvey was around today he would tell you: George R May 2, at 3: All of the above mentioned haneh are excellent training tools.

I intend it merely as an elaboration upon his statement: To swing the Gold Flex fluidly and and in tempo will definitely strengthen your wrists and fore arms, while also providing a good stretch.

And the other issues is what are your goals?


I wanted to go with the Orange Whip but simply could not justify the huge price difference. Blade hany years ago. From the opening sentences in both of your posts, you have made it abundantly clear that you sir, are beyond any doubt, pompous and dense. Once upon trauner time there was a Tour player so good that the other pros treated him like a god. Quite easy to make your own weighted club.

NINE pounds, someone said, but who knows.

Haney: Increase club head speed | Golf Channel

The first line was anything but straight, and the second one was almost perfect. David Knox 6 years ago.

Hey guys, I am an the creator of the Swinv and I can tell you that the primary area of focus for the product is to develop proper swing tempo whereby the maximum clubhead speed occurs through the ball.

The other thing that my teacher, and I have to believe Mr. Quite a discussion going here.