This action triggers the Key Exchange process the next time the client connects, and implements any options you set on this panel. GroupWise and Intellisync authentication are available as soon as GroupWise Mobile Server software installation finishes. The maintenance service completes by restarting the server. Quality and Testing Security Security Research. Allow older versions of the client to exchange keys:

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Novell Developer Kits

These drivers can be found in the following locations: On the product CD, open the Tools folder. Don’t show this message again. Use this field to supply a password for imported users who do not have a password specified in the import file. The Intellisync Mobile Suite control stores information about users, groups, publications, and so forth, in a database.

Installing and Configuring ODBC/ LITE Drivers

The translated version of this page is coming soon. Enable Server Key exchange: Use the Secure Gateway tab to add, remove, and change the port of any Secure Gateway servers. You will be prompted to configure a data source if you selected the “Configure a data source” check box as instructed above. With this option set, Intellisync Mobile Suite uses default keys if the client does not have the most recent server key. Now set the path to the dll.


On Completion of Nightly Maintenance: An ODBC driver is a tool an application uses to access a host database file. Gropuwise to contractual restrictions, effective Sep, HiT drivers are not available to new customers of version The server name that users type into their browser to access the Web site. The About window shows copyright information and version numbers for the Intellisync software and your Intellisync Mobile Suite components.

Click Next, and then click Finish. User discovery is a feature whereby users are recognized and have user accounts created for them when they connect to the server for the first time.

Installing and Configuring ODBC/400 LITE Drivers

Allow Initial Deployment browser to determine client language: Click Add Administrator to create control administrators and grant permission to additional users. After you have selected New Database Query, you will be prompted to choose a data source.

Data source, Database Name, User Name passwor Allow devices to be discovered and created at connect time: Select this location if you need to have a different location to store data for each subsystem. For more information, contact Technical Support at http: The permissions granted in this Agreement will apply to each subsequent Reflection 14 point release you receive as an upgrade prior to the Freeze Date. HP Support – If this odbcc or any post helps you resolve an issue, please be ggoupwise to mark it as an acceptable solution.


This launches Microsoft Query, if it is installed. Need a help in adding the new column in filter in Web Client. Use the Proxy Information fields for Intellisync Mobile Suite servers that must use a proxy server for access to the Internet. Browse to or enter the name of the file data source you want to save the connection to.

How does AM calculate compliance of oracle database on Hyperv clusters? odcb

Type the parent directory location in the Single Location field or browse to and select the location. Specify the location to groupwiwe the Email Accelerator data. Type a password for the current ODBC data source, or you can leave the password field empty.

The default time for running the services is 3: