Hoo gtu yah gan, masalah nya klo pke openGL maennya agak ngelag gtu gan kaya nya sih spek pc ane yg ga kuat emoticon-Malu S klo DXD itu yg mana yah gan? For your video plugin you should try using either Pete’s OpenGL2 2. This is a software GPU plug-in that appears to have good compatibility. It doesn’t yet use OGL2, but it will soon. S Soft Driver 1.

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The shaders are a bunch of custom shader programs that you can use to enhance the display. Pete’s openGL2 drivers 2. Then, the music begins, with a blank screen. Support Zophar’s Domain on Patreon!

If your videoboard support blending by hardware we recommend select “Hardware” else “None” because it will slow down the emulation too.

DSound Audio Driver 1. Tengo windows 10, y tarjeta intel Peet Graphicshe intentado cambiar lo del fade, he probado cambiando la configuracion con varios plugins de video del epsxe que he estado mirando en google y no hay manera. The new version is more compatible in some ways and less compatible in others. I myself used pete’s GPU Plugins 1.

Pete’s D3d Driver 1. This is a software GPU plug-in that appears to have good compatibility. PSX Emulator questions and topics.


Where can I download “Pete’s D3D DX7” from for my ePSXe 1.7.0 Emulator?

These two do run, but have the stutter step visuals and repeating audio: Mooby2 cd disk image driver 2. The game isn’t freezing because Epsxs can still press escape and get back to the ’emulation panel’ I checked for guides and most of them say it’s a plugin or.

These are the settings for the video. The next thing we are going to explain you is how to configure the Pete’s hardware video plugins. It is very important select “Dynamic” if you have a videoboard with at least 8Mb of RAM, or “Paletized” if you have a videoboard what support it.

Direct3d plugin for Epsxe | Next Generation Emulation Forum

I even did the. I’ve been playing for some days using ePSXe 1. It also has some internal variables for tracking image transfer so that it will not log image data transfer.

It appears to have a lot of features, and even can ’emulate’ the way the video would look on an old TV for those nostalgia fans. It will be running fine at least on nVidias xfree4 glx, but all other cards with hw acceleration could also work.


This contains his Open GL plugin and the DirectX 6 and 7 plugins, and are so far some of the most compatible plugins out there. I also tried Pete’s D3D Driver 1. This is a software graphics plugin.

After clicking ok another box. Petes OpenGL2 Driver 2.

Direct3d plugin for Epsxe

The other is a graphic plugin that acts as a wrapper for other plugins while saving information that are sent to the plugin into a file. It means if you use the OGL plugins which you actually eppsxe ,you can disable the video sync. Recorder Tools This is a set of plugins from Matesic Darko. The last in textures section is choose the caching type, what is very important for the emulation speed.

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Pete’s OpenGL2 Driver 2. Come potete notare avremo dei consigli dal menu epsxe, sappiate che: Here are the news: