Maybe they changed some stuff. I think I found my answer while searching for something else in one of the previous tutorials. This documentation is for Dovecot v2. Make sure that UID and GID are not yet used or choose another — the number can be anything between and that is not yet used:. Some folks on the Internet suggest to add the following line:.

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UserDatabase/Prefetch – Dovecot Wiki

Reply In order to make thunderbird happy when connecting with ssl using the free startssl certificate, dovecot and postfix need the intermediate ca certificate www.

So most settings are sane here and do not have to be changed. I greatly appreciate your effort — and the fact that you make your knowledge freely available….

Examples Note that “user” can have a special meaning in some SQL databases, so we’re using “userid” instead. Whether you connect from your smartphone your laptop or use the webmail access — the rules always work. The current Wheezy tutorial deals with Wheezy’s Dovecot version which is 2.


Prefetch User Database

Useedb to database mailserver Apr 12 Some folks on the Internet suggest to add the following line: For a user database, you need to set also uid, gid and preferably also home see VirtualUsers. If you get any error messages please re-read this page and double-check your configuration files.

Let us now configure Dovecot which will do several things for us: I doubled checked I followed all the correct steps in the config files. Last, if post-login scripting is usedit may modify the settings if wanted. Still, I end up with Apr 12 Sage nichts — ich dovecit deine Situation: If I add a second userdb then this works, but the notes make it clear above we are not to do that; and I think it breaks mail when I tested it.

Did that, exchanged the passwords and there — it worked. Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. User database lookups Usually your SQL database contains also the userdb information. Melde mich per Mail.

Yes, I tried all of userxb tests. Reply I had to add the line: Thanks for a concise tutorial. This is the directory where Dovecot will look for the emails of a specific user. If one of them goes down, the others will handle the traffic. If you leave any of the standard userdb fields uid, dovecit, home empty, these defaults will be used. It is also a bit faster since it avoids doing the userdb SQL query.


This configuration file deals with services that allow communication with other processes. I see why you consider this directory unnecessary.

The databases usually contain the following information: The only real challenge in that lies with the Dovecot configuration that changed completely with the switch to 2. Reply I think I found my answer while searching for something else in one of the previous tutorials.

doveclt It’s in the following format: Thanks in advanced Martin. This is perfectly fine. However some authentication mechanisms do have an explicit support for realms pretty much the same as domains.