To turn off your computer system, perform an orderly system shutdown using the operating system menu when possible. When you disconnect external devices from the back of the computer, wait 5 seconds after turning off the computer before you disconnect any devices to avoid possible damage to the system board. Antitheft devices are of differing designs. However, they are not foolproof. To change an existing setup password , you must know the setup password. The OptiPlex desktop features both an internal and external drive. Table 3 shows power button functions for Microsoft Windows NT operating systems.

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The keyboard cable attaches to a 6-pin miniature DIN connector on the back panel of your computer. Be the first to write a review. When the system password feature is disabled by a jumper setting on the system board, the setting shown is Disabled.

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When you enter System Setup, both password options appear as Not Enabledindicating that the password feature is enabled but that no password has been assigned. For example, if you have an M in your password, the system recognizes either M or m as correct.

Evelynn Star Lynn talks about video games, records and books If you have assigned a setup password see ” Using the Setup Password Feature “the system accepts your setup password as an alternate system password.


The setting changes to Not Enabled. Before purchasing such a device, make sure that it works with the cable slot on your computer. The next time you enter System Setupthe system prompts you for the setup password.

Dell Optiplex Gx110 Part 01424d 5-slot PCI Riser Board Tested

The line-out jack is amplified, so speakers with integrated amplifiers are not required. An integrated chassis intrusion alarm displays the status of the system’s chassis intrusion monitor. If you want to assign a new password, continue to step 6.

New HP bw If Setup Password is set to Enabledyou must enter the correct setup password before you can modify the majority of the System Setup options. Connect the audio cable from the speakers to this jack. To assign a new system password, vx110 ” Assigning a System Password.

Certain key combinations are not valid. This site uses cookies. A dual-colored link integrity indicatorwhich is green when there is a good connection between a Mbps network and the NIC and up orange when there is a good connection between a Mbps network and the NIC.

The mouse cable attaches to a 6-pin miniature Deutsche Industrie Norm DIN connector on the back panel of your computer. Wait until the access indicator turns off before removing a diskette from the drive. The NIC connector on the computer’s back panel has the following indicators see Figure 1: If Password Status is set to Lockedthe following prompt appears: Disabling a Forgotten Password.


If a character is illegal for optipleex use, the system emits a beep. Old School Game Blog Amiga enthusiasm, retro gaming passion. My machine currently has the max of mb using two Networi mb sticks.

To change an existing setup passwordyou must know the setup password. If you enter one of these combinations, the speaker emits a beep. With video resolution of up to dlel pixels and a 75 Hz max refresh rate with colors, you can watch vivid videos on this system.

The Dell OptiPlex GX model desktop computer features a inch screen, making it easy to view everything you are working on.

Using the Setup Password Feature. Hard-disk drive access indicator. Originally these models came with yx110 variety of size options for hard drives but mine has a 40gb drive installed, it is likely this drive was added later.