The location of the. When set to 1, re-creates the trace file each time the application restarts. All components should be compatible with. Your browser would then intercept this forged applet, because it is not signed by a trusted software publisher. All databases supported by SequeLink 4.

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Sequelink DataDirect Informix ODBC Driver Configuration Properties

Connection pooling allows connections to be reused rather than created each time a connection is requested. NET providers, without changing application code. The Pool Manager creates new jdbx to satisfy the minimum pool size. Execute a single JDBC method or execute multiple JDBC methods simultaneously, so that you can easily perform some common tasks, such as returning result sets.

Returns the total number of attempts to open a connection that failed for any reason since the process started. When set to 1, re-creates the trace file each time the application restarts. During debugging, sensitive data can be read, even if it is stored as a private or internal variable and access is limited to the same assembly. The classes you need to import are all contained datafirect the java.

See Trademarks for appropriate markings. You can also specify the name and location of the trace log on this tab. A pool group is created for each user ID that jdcb a connection. For additional information on this scoring system, refer to https: Easily load large volumes of data without application code or additional vendor tools that slow performance.



Using environment variables to enable tracing means that you do not have to modify your application. A pool group is a sequelimk of pools created from the same PooledConnectionDataSource call.

Because the number of connections in the connection pool is greater than the minimum pool size, five connections, no action is taken by the Pool Manager. Speed Easily load large volumes of data without datadirecr code or additional vendor tools that slow performance.

The HP-UX version of ivtestlib however, requires the idbc path. Select a data source from the Defined Datasources pane. DataDirect Test is a tool that is included in the SequeLink package. Get full coverage from legacy. Be aware that selecting Concatenate can degrade performance, particularly when displaying large resultSets. I’m downloading my applet from a Web server, but I cannot connect to any of my available SequeLink servers.

The Rowset Viewer also displays jbdc error information from the data provider. The SSL handshake guarantees that the site it received the certificate from knows the private key that corresponds to the public key in the certificate. If the driver cannot be loaded, ivtestlib returns an sequeljnk message explaining why. When I try to connect to my SequeLink server I get a “netscape. In the Java Code scroll box, the actual Java code used to implement the last action.


JDBC-ODBC Bridge for JDBC Access to ODBC Databases – DataDirect Connectivity

Note, however, that if the Persist Security Info connection string option is set to true, the password will be displayed in clear text. This means that only you and the server with which you are communicating can decipher the communication.

To import these classes, include the following line at the beginning of your code:. Improve data access performance by simply switching ADO. If someone set up a fraudulent Web server that impersonated your Web server, they would have to re-sign your applet with their own certificate. Specifies the path and name of the trace file. NET data providers for all major databases.

Because a connection is unavailable, the Pool Manager creates a new connection for the request.