Installation was a breeze. Generally, modern multimode keyboards are quite impossible to distinguish and typically offer similar groups of keys that support a host of roles and applications as well. You’ll find that the newer BTC model is more prevalent and has taken care of some of the issues mentioned in this review. With that said, my family has no problem using the joystick mouse and keyboard. You can of course adjust the mouse settings, but in the end I just got used to the different motion of the joystick mouse. These media keys require that you install special software provided with the keyboard to map those keys see image below for screen-shot of software.

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The categories that modern keyboards, be it wired or wireless versions are categorized into are Multimedia, Ieyboard and Office – of course, the blatantly simple keyboards are still with us as well, but we’re not going to touch on these for today.

BTC 9019URF Wireless Keyboard

I simply plugged in the USB receiver, threw the AA batteries into the keyboard unit itself, and was up and running. There is a slight delay when you use the mouse before it responds at first – this is another thing that takes some getting used to.

USB connector plugs Dimension: Give it a second to “sync” it almost always does this without any user intervention, but if you happen to have trouble getting the keyboard to respond, you can press the connect button on the receiver and then press the connect button on the top left corner of the keyboard to force the two to communicate with each other. I can change to the next mp3 on the playlist, hit mute or pause if the phone rings, or test my touch typing skills from the kitchen.


Range The range is good for an RF wireless keyboard.

It is not going to replace a gamepad for hardcore Halo style gaming, but for HTPC administration, surfing the web, and remote control of PVR software from your couch it works great. I believe any HTPC keyboard needs to have a mousepad or some similar ability to control the mouse byc built-in as it’s a bit unwieldy to use a separate mouse and keyboard while on the couch.

BTC URF Wireless Multimedia USB Keyboard w/ Dual Mode Joystick Mouse – video dailymotion

You can of course adjust the mouse settings, but in the end I just got used to the different motion of the joystick mouse. I can use the keyborad up to 30 feet away with no problems – even with the HTPC and receiver behind a glass cabinet door it worked just fine.

You can still find this old keyboard, but most likely it will be at surplus stores or used. The idea of”Joystick” is according to control buttons in the most popular game. Installation Installation as you might expect from a keyboard is very easy. The 9019uf mouse responds to normal mouse functions left right etc and also can act as a left-mouse-click when you push down on the joystick.

Installation was a breeze. The range is good for an RF wireless keyboard. Media Center Keyboards – What’s Important? On the left side of the keyboard is another set of right and left-mouse buttons.


BTC 9019URF – keyboard

Wireless design makes the operation is more easily. Newer Post Older Post Home. Install the two AA batteries into the keyboard. There are many other factors, but those are the most 90119urf ones to watch for. But what if that HTPC is in the living room, bedroom or somewhere else in the home – in these situations 9019udf want your HTPC to fit in with the home theater environment and therefore most control will happen with your remote control. Original News Theme by.

Just know that range can diminish behind wood doors and walls. The keyboard is smaller than a full size keyboard, yet slightly bigger than a laptop keyboard.

Wireless distance can reach btv least 3M. Don’t think this “joystick” will work well for games also though – it’s really meant for mouse control – nothing more, nothing less.

When you’re shopping for media center keyboards the most important factors are as follows: A few minor quibbles: The price was really attractive when I bought it and if you can find it now it’s even cheaper.

The keyboard I’m reviewing here keyborad the older model URF. I had best results when the receiver was at least a few feet away from the TV. Very well thought out layout which works perfectly for me.