In sound playback device options, the circled Well Cakewalk has a “Use ASIO” tickbox in the settings, haven’t tested it much but it doesn’t cause problems, maybe someone else can comment better on this. There could be some issues that you could run into depending on audio settings used. I have Asus Xonar ST. Sign in Already have an account? Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Your current speakers work with the onboard card? Karsten 20 Nov Only thing I still don’t get is why I’m able to change the sample rate.

Asio 2 Driver – Asus Xonar D2X User Manual [Page 57]

That’s what I was getting at. Change the sample rate where? Aug 26, at d22x Leave a Comment Cancel. Added option to apply addons at driver installation.

Asio4all and Xonar D2X [Archive] – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Updated notes about Windows 10 compatibility. If you get blue screens, just keep repeating the process with driver signing disabled. Post 14 of Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets. Please report if there are any malfunctions compared assus previous UNi Xonar driver releases.


E2x everyone, I thought I will post my tips on how to get unixonar drivers work Playback from default device” http: Oct 4, at 9: If this BSOD happens again or on multiple occasions you can let us know with an update to your original comment.

Then it might be caused by an incompatibility with the motherboard.

xsio I really know nothing about sound stuffbut had to change the soundcard due to the fact that the mobo one was broken. I would be most grateful if you could give me an advice!


Running the analog outs to your PC’s internal sound card may introduce latancey. Gigabyte B Aorus M Processor: You can change the sample rate on the asus audio center in mid song. Thanks for pointing that out for me. Restart system after the uninstall process is done.

Anyone get ASIO working with Xonar D2X?

I am sorry, but I am a total newbie! If you want to play back Templates and tones from L6 Tone Made Easy classes. On the right side of the screenshot, you can find the option: You’re basically trying to squeeze orange juice from a lemon.


It also works with UNi Xonar previously supported cards. Why I hear only 3 speakers in 5?

Have you tried plugging the card in different PCIe slots? They’re in German, but I try to translate them for you guys: I’ve always tried to compensate that but I that’s not possible to me.