They are too old and fragile, demand is low, and shipping costs are high. Apple II and Apple III computers could make use of the Apple Color Plotter, which was a specialized device that could print with water- or oil-based inks for very basic color. Some ImageWriter IIs have been in continuous service for 15 years. The ImageWriter II came in two models. What kind of computer print devices are considered vintage?

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It holds about sheets, and is used as an alternative to feeding paper from the “multipurpose tray” which folds out from the front. The StyleWriter is Apple Inc. HP number RA, or Apple number Apple hardware before Apple vintage computer printers offer options like the Stylewriter and Imagewriter printers.

Laserwriter, Stylewriter, Imagewriter printers

Check our unused Apple printer parts Web page for specifics. Personal Laserwriter parts and upgrades: Uses same print cartridges and ink containers as model, may print a little faster. All Auction Buy It Now.


Only the Printer is included as displayed in the photos.

There is a small fan on top of it, in a black case with black filter. The other are opened. StyleWriter inkjet printer the original.

Unable to do further testing. Ask about specific parts and check the list below.

Apple Color StyleWriter 2500 Standard Inkjet Printer

Content provided for informational purposes only. Ask about price but it will be higher than the or Finding an Apple Vintage Computer Printer Computer printers have existed almost as long as computers themselves. StyleWriter inkjet printer. Physical “print engine” very similar to HP Laserjet 4 series, uses similar parts and toner cartridge. Keep in mind, that most Apple-brand laser printers use many of the same printer parts as older HP Hewett-Packard laser printers.

Please provide a valid price range. It was very well cared for however and I would be very surprised if it was not working. Apple and others still make cartridges for these printers, and they are compatible with a variety of older Macs. Read this note for info on which inkjet cartridges to use with Stylewriter printers. It has a 9-pin print head and can use a black ribbon or a color ribbon. Printers with specifically identified conditions are warrented to those conditions.



We no longer stock PRo printers. With an Apple ImageWriter printer attached to your Macintosh, you can get printed copies of your work. Item is sold as-is.

For instance, a company called “Orange Micro” made a series of devices with the “Grappler” model name. Postscript, dpi with serial, parallel and Ethernet capability, stylewrifer 11 inch wide paper. This article may rely excessively on sources too closely associated with the subjectpotentially preventing the article from being verifiable and neutral.

Ribbons and printer cables are also available.

The codename for this model stylewritdr ” Calamari. Laser toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges Laser printer toner cartridges I have some very old Apple Laserprinter toner cartridges, for the printers listed on this Web page.