As far as the effect on balance point, the leather grip versus synthetic grip variance is roughly equivalent to: Clubs with more weight than usual in the clubhead relative to the grip have higher swingweights, and those with higher-than-normal weight in the grip area have lower swingweights. Establishing a reference point of your racquet’s weight distribution specs can provide a model for future purchases. If you have already purchased a standard driver and want it tipped 1″ total, if the shaft was not previously tipped, that would bring your driver down to 44″. One benefit of a racquet with a higher swingweight is that it enables the racquet to do more work for the player to drive the ball deeper into the opponent’s court. Anywhere else and I feel it changes the playing characteristics of the head too much.

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Babolat Wilson Volkl Dunlop Gamma.


Trim Golf Shafts to Firm Swinngweight. Top professional players generally use clubs with higher swingweights than those of average players. These lessons apply to your golf clubs! Want to join this community?

Do grips have an effect on swingweight? – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

Depends who you talk to a lot of people are going to MOI club fitting. This is clearly noticeable and should help your lag and swing tempo if they are issues.

This is fairly easy to do on racquets with trap door access through the butt cap. This dramatic increase to the swingweight provides greater plow through potential. It’s just a movie after all.


I just bought a UST frequency filtered putter to go along with my scotty cameron studio design putter. Swing-weight is not a measurement of total weight.

As a general guideline, most tour pros prefer their wedges to play around D6, their irons around D4, and their woods around D2. Signing up is freeand you’ll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts!

We’d love to have you! In the end you should go with what works best for you. swingweigh

Ballard on Length of Backswing. Half-grip size heat shrink sleeves are also available and will add 0.

going to a shorter driver shaft and swing weight

I know this might seem overwhelming to the newcomer, but I have plenty of tutorials regarding this topic, so work your way through them, and I promise everything will start to make more sense! You’ll never see the tape at address. Competing with two or more racquets that match in weight and balance can help you take your performance to the next level. When I was making my putter I ard it to be face balanced, so I did this a lot, tweaking the shaft until I got it right.

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Swing-Weighting | The DIY Golfer

These cause and effect relationships are very handy when thinking in swingdeight of counter-balancing racquets and formulating the necessary equations to customize. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.


Posted 11 March – Can certain grips increase or reduce the SW? Weight customization is also used to ensure that all the racquets in a player’s bag feel and play the same “racquet matching”. For years pros have been tail-weighting their racquets, shifting the balance slightly more head-light, by simply replacing the stock grip with a leather grip which is heavier than synthetic grips.

Swing weight, or moment of inertia, is measured on a club at the industry standard point 14 inches from the grip end of the club.

Tiger does it for some tournaments. For more information regarding Tennis Warehouse racquet customization fees or racquet matching service swingweigjt, please contact our Customer Service Department at or email info tennis-warehouse.

The service fee covers the cost of handling, measuring and sorting racquets. Really, can most people feel the difference between a a swinyweight weight on the head of their driver? One 8-inch strip added on each side of the hoop two strips total will increase the total mass by 0.

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