Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The Test In recent times, choosing a motherboard cannot be completely determined by a Winstone score. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Mon May 21, 3: Runs fine even with ME.

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If you remember, the stability of their first solution, the SE6, was far from satisfactory.

SH6 ABIT Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

OK dammit, eight people have LOOKED at this topic, so dammit to hell fire and don’t burn the biscuits, you must have some opinion to offer!! Quake III Arena x x With a ratio of 3: Even using CAS2 rated PC memory, the motherboard could not maintain any semblance of stability when running the memory at those speeds.

Mon May 21, 2: We will talk more about the reasons for this later on, but for now you can see that there are traces all over the place, so ABIT is not wasting any PCB space at all.

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FS/FT Abit SH6 & Intel VC w/mb

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Mon May 21, Finally, there are three fan connectors on the motherboard, which can also be monitored through the PC Health panel. I have a SA6R running abbit just fine using pc ram.


Content Creation Winstone But for users with Slot-1 processors, who think that their BX motherboards are getting old, but don’t want to go after VIA chipsets or give up their CPUs, the SH6 is definitely a very impressive motherboard and basically your only option right now.

ABIT SH6 Slot-1 i815E ATX

Runs fine even with ME. Not many people own or use SA6R’s Its a nice motherboard from what I can tell. With certain motherboards, space becomes a major issue for those HSF units and many times we’ve found capacitors, power supply connectors, and DIMM slots to be the obstacles for installing these cooling units.

Things were not fideo bad, since manufacturers immediately came up with Slotkets, which allows users to use Socket processors on Slot-1 motherboards.

Keep in mnd that I use pricewatch to find the lowest prices and then go to ResllerRatings. Note that the default CPU: The power supply connector, just like other recent Vixeo motherboards, is located on the right edge of the motherboard, so the power supply cables will not have to run over the CPU.

Jul 1, Posts: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Unfortunately for those users who bought Slot-1 motherboards with those thoughts in mind, the advent of on-die L2 cache with the Celeron and Coppermine CPU’s signaled a move back to socketed designs due to their lower manufacturing costs.


But that means I will ssh6 to switch to Windows if I want to take advantage of it.

The area around the CPU slot is clean without any major obstacles or connectors. Nov 30, Posts: As you can see from the following pictures, when the motherboard and CPU are installed into the case, there is a lot of space around the processor notice that the cables are not even carefully bundled here so that the HSF can effectively cool down the processor.

The DIMM slots are located around 3. Mon May 21, 3: One additional temperature reading is also supported by an external thermistor header located at the top left hand corner of the CPU slot. I’ve used an Abit SL6, pretty abti with it.

Oh, running win98se, I refuse to use ME. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.