Most relevant reviews See all reviews. Retrieved May 25, I wouldn’t ever pay what Apple charges for this keyboard. And the right side enter key is too small and in a bad position. Skip to main content. S4 W series bit: It was often criticized for its flimsy construction.

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Designed to be compatible with both the Macintosh and Apple product lines, it was the first to combine both the Macintosh command key and Apple II “open” Apple key legends. And the right side enter key is too small and in a bad position.

Entirely Platinum gray in color the Macintosh Plus has darker gray keys called “Smoke”it was also the first to use Snow White design language that was similar to the Apple IIc.

Suggested reasonable cost to you for this keyboard: Its keybozrd USB plugs are ideal for small accessories like a mouse, and they eliminate the need to hunt on the back of the machine just to insert a USB drive or connect a phone to transfer data.

Aside from weight the main difference was the significantly thicker frame width.

Apple A1243 MB110LL/A Wired Keyboard

Released and sold with the iMac in this became the new standard for all Macintosh models for the next two years. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Keyboard layout Keyboard shortcut. Currently, Apple offers only three keyboards via Bluetooth: This article needs additional citations for verification. Current MacBook family inch Air Pro. It had a built-in retractable support leg. Like the Apple IIe before it, the Macintosh provided an optional external keypad which also included arrow keys that daisy chained to the CPU via the telephone-cord connectors.


It has a slim form factor which, in addition to looking great, helps ensure that the keyboard is rigid and strong without needing to be large or heavy. This Command option was specifically designed for use in Mac OS and has been present on all Macintosh models since It was often criticized for its flimsy construction.

To serve the functionality of the Macintosh operating systems and because of historical differencesthe Apple Keyboard’s layout differs somewhat from that of the ubiquitous IBM PC keyboardmainly in its modifier and special keys. In the mid’s Apple released the Apple Newton sub-mini keyboard to allow a quick input alternative to the Newton’s handwriting recognition, which required extensive training to become useful.

Apple Keyboard – Wikipedia

Inthe Macintosh TVthe first Mac introduced in all black, came with an identical black Keyboard II using the same model number. Skip to main content. It is used to access the Mac OS menu and other important functions.

The keyboard also introduced a unique command key similar to the “open” Apple Key on the Lisa. Rii Mini I8 2. I bought this for my office computer PC because my IT department supplied me with one of those abomination keyboards with the crazy thick keys that made the loud tapping noise as I typed During the 90s, Apple offered various styles of keyboard, including the large extended keyboards which included the features of their IBM PC AT counterparts.


Apple’s very first offering, the Apple Iwas initially sold as a naked PCB without a keyboard or a casealthough some resellers and users fitted their own cases with built-in keyboards and Apple cooperated with at least one such reseller. Bundled with the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh inthis keyboard once again excluded an integrated keypad, though unlike the Adjustable Keyboard none was offered.

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It was the heaviest of all the Macintosh keyboards and set the standard for many typists. Additionally, the layout is designed with optimized ergonomics to prevent repetitive stress kryboard, and the keyboard is at the ideal height for preventing pressure on your wrists.

Apple Keyboard

Apple would later reuse the name for a series of successive keyboards. Apple always makes an outstanding product. However, it also marked the last of the beige Apple-II-era designs which were usurped by the newer Snow White design language.

This keyboard was also produced in black using the same model number like the Apple Keyboard II before itfor inclusion with the Macintosh TVblack Performa released primarily in Europe, and the black Keyboarrd Macintosh released in Asia.